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Welcome to BETR Token Sales

Guide to Claiming BETR

The ICO is now over. There are no more sales of the BETR token. BetterBetting would like to thank all those who participated in the ICO and we appreciate your continued support. In case of any questions, we’re glad to help you in our live chat on Telegram or Twitter or email us here.

If you have not yet claimed your tokens, please follow the steps below to collect your BETR tokens.

  1. Funds clear through blockchain and then you can claim tokens
  2. Complete ID (KYC) check
  3. Tokens are Issued

If you took part in the Airdrop campaign or Bounty program, your account will be updated in the next few days with your awarded tokens.

Stage 1: Claim tokens and ID Check

  • Once the incoming funds are cleared, you will be able to claim tokens by clicking the “claim tokens” button next to the transaction
Stage 1 Screenshot

Stage 2: Complete ID (KYC) check

  • You will be required to submit proof of identity and address (KYC) prior to their tokens being issued. This is a very simple process which involves uploading two images on the website with the relevant documentation. We will inform you once this is approved.
Stage 2 Screenshot
Stage 2 Screenshot

Stage 3: Tokens issued

  • Once the KYC documents have been confirmed by our team, your account will be activated and you will be asked to supply an ethereum address to receive the tokens.
  • Tokens will then be sent to this address and you will own your BETR tokens!
  • Please note we are not on any exchanges at this time but will be in the very near future. Please do not send your tokens to an exchange.
Stage 3 Screenshot
Stage 3 Screenshot
Stage 3 Screenshot